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A home that has suffered from storm damage.Regardless of the extent of the disaster from natural calamities such as heavy rains, strong winds, hail, tornadoes or ice and snow, OFR will respond quickly to secure your property against further damage and handle your insurance claim to keep the process smooth and efficient for you.

  • Structural Restoration
  • Pack Outs
  • Complete Exterior Restoration
  • Tree Removal
  • Flood Damage Repair

Strong Winds

Strong winds can cause damage quickly and create larger problems in the future. Winds combined with the elements like rain or ice can create havoc. In many cases these storms result in power outages, blowing debris, fallen trees, broken branches and missing shingles which may further damage to your home. Olde Fort Restoration’s Special Emergency Response Team removes tree limbs and other debris from your home to do a temporary board up until the restoration process begins.

We keep you safe. Call us immediately to minimize additional damage to you property at 513-721-1107.

Hail Storms

Hail is usually accompanied with strong winds and rain.  Hail can cause damage to your roof (shingles, metal, and slate), gutters, siding, HVAC units, windows, screens, doors, awnings and more.  Call us today for an inspection at 513-721-1107.

Ice and Snow

Ice and snow cause big problems for your home. Ice buildup can cause ice dams to form, which impact proper water drainage. You may notice water staining in the ceiling or an exterior wall first. Left untreated, the intruding water causes further damage to the structure and quickly worsens the situation. Ice and snow can also bring down trees or limbs which may puncture the siding or roofing on your home.


Tornadoes are devastating and often worse than a house fire.  Olde Fort Restoration is here to help you through this trying time.  OFR has the resources and expertise to rebuild your home from the foundation up.

Trust Our Experts At Olde Fort Restoration

When weather strikes, we will handle all aspects of putting your life and home back together.  We remove the hassle from you of trying to find, schedule and keep track of separate contractors to repair your home or business. We manage the entire job from cleanup to reconstruction and restoration.   When you choose OFR, you will enjoy a less stressful experience by only dealing with one trusted company and you can count on us to take good care of your property from start to finish.

Specializing in Property Insurance Mitigation and Restoration

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