Fireworks safety tips in Cincinnati, OH.

Cincinnati! Olde Forte Restoration wishes you a Happy 4th of July!

As your local property damage recovery experts, we have some great safety tips to share with you regarding the use of fireworks. Fireworks safety is a crucial aspect of staying safe during this holiday. According to the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA), using fireworks incorrectly leads to thousands of injuries each year. In just 2015, U.S. hospitals treated an estimated 11,900 people for injuries caused by fireworks. Firework damage doesn’t just affect people, though. Your property is also at risk. Property damage directly resulting from fireworks costs Americans a total average of $43 million in 2015 from an average of 18,500 fires. Let’s make this year a safe and happy 4th of July season. Enjoy the season with these fireworks safety tips from the fire damage experts at Olde Fort Restoration:

Protect Yourself

When handling fireworks, it’s important that you protect yourself. Always wear safety glasses and if you have long hair, pull it back. Always read all the labels and instructions on the particular fireworks you’re using before you use them. Keeping a water bucket or a charged hose nearby and within reach is also crucial, just in case. Whenever you light a firework, move back away from it after lighting. Make sure to keep children away a safe distance and do not allow them to play near them unsupervised, including those that are duds or have already exploded. If you have what you think is a dud firework, do not try to relight it. Wait 20 minutes and then soak them in water. Throw them out. They can’t be used.

Remember, alcohol and fireworks do not mix. Never light a firework under the influence. Fireworks are FIRE! Even a sparkler burns at 1,200° F, which is hot enough to cause third degree burns.

Protect Others

Fireworks can be exciting, but it is important to remember that children and pets are the most at risk. Children should never light a firework or play near them. Children under 15 years of age account for 26% of those injuries stated above in 2015. When handling sparklers, make sure they’re holding them at least an arm’s length away from the body. When it comes to your pets, you should absolutely keep them in a safe environment away from the lights and noise. Pets generally don’t mix well with fireworks. Play with them during the day before the night’s festivities begin so they’re tired and relaxed by the time you leave them inside for an extended period of time. Prepare a nice and cozy crate or bedroom where they can stay away from the action.

If Something Happens, We Can Help

Following the safety guidelines above can help you prevent an injury or accident. But if something does happen and a fire breaks out, call the fire department ASAP, and then call us. Fire and smoke can do immense damage to your property, so it’s best to get a restoration team on site right away. Olde Fort Restoration has expert fire damage technicians on call to help you when you need it most in the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area.